Storing User Login Credentials

Hi forum,

I have a use case where in an attended bot it will be having a login form.
It will have 2 functionality login and sign up, Just wanted to know what is the best way to store a user credentials. It should be a excel, queues or database?

Or is there any better storage available with uipath?

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Hi @Rohan_Tammewar,

according to UiPath documentation and academy courses, it is not okay to store credentials, especially passwords, in excel or anywhere that the password is visible. It is recommended to use Assets in Orchestrator, windows credential manager or something like that.

You might also check a topic that I have previously created Storing Credentials - all possible ways . It might help somehow.

So you are saying each time the user creates his/her account create a new asset?
Incase user has to update the password I use API and in case delete the user delete the asset manually?
About security I can read the credentials using get asset creds and then converting secure string to string, canā€™t it?