How to protect passwords and ids?

Assume I have 50 ids and passwords. I need these ids and passwords to login to a web portal. What is the best practice to securely protect these ids and passwords and where do I store these. Also only the admin/concerned person should be allowed to change this password or id. I thought of storing the ids and password in an excel file, but then its not a secured method… can somebody suggest a better alternative.

Hi @Henry

The best way would be store them in Orchestrator Assets


Are you using Orchestrator? If so head to Assets and you can securely store passwords in there. You use a GetAppCredentials invoke in order to call them down, also securely. Hope this helps!

I am not using orchestrator. Even if I use orchestrator, can I use the assets in a for loop ?

Actually I am not using orchestrator…!!

You can save credentials in windows,

But I would recommend Orchestrator


@PrankurJoshi: I tried this method… but the bot is not fetching the next credential. How do I use this in a for loop to fetch the next credential.

You can give them different names and save those names in a datatable and then loop them for each name it will fetch a new one

ok… will try that method…

Thank u for the quick reply

The issue now I am facing is the password from get credential is in secure string format. I am getting an error: conversion of secure string to string is not possible.

The variable has to be SecureString, not just String.

These will help you


I have given the variable secure string only.

Hi @Henry,

Use the Get secure credential activity to fetch credential from the Windows Credential manager.