Sticky Community Forum Guidelines?

Would it make sense to have some form of Forum guidelines posted as sticky so forum participants have an idea of the types of topics which should be raised here versus through other means? Will you also consider creating sub-forums? e.g. an Orchestrator / Admin forum, Robot designer Forum or sub-forums based on different editions?


You’re totally right, there will be a forum guideline added soon. Things are still being tuned and polished.

Subsections/subforums will be created organically, as the need arises.
In the meantime, you can tag your posts using relevant keywords and they will show up as suggestions for others too.

Are these guidelines available somewhere now? Please let me know.


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Check this one:


Perfect! Thank you! I wonder if you can send this link to anyone who joins the community as a part of the welcome message… Is that feasible?

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I think this is a great idea. Thanks!