StepShot legacy license?

Hi all, I use Stepshot occasionally and noticed the site is completely gone and comes up with an misconfigured server notification in Russian. All help links are broken and the product no longer works as a result.

UiPath acquired Stephot in 2019, but I can’t find any mention of the product on the website. What happened? Did they just buy it to torch it?

Very weird.

Hi @Alexis_Kasperavicius,

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I have not used StepShot before, but I am quite sure that the Task Capture function in Uipath which creates PDD (also in custom formats) uses StepShot source code. A UiPath technical sales representative mentioned it during the demonstration of Task Capture.

So it still lives :slight_smile: but under the hood.

And strategically it makes sense to remove any external references to acquired technology and rebranding it to avoid customer confusion and promote new customer acquisition.

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StepShot was available on OSX (Mac) and in the cloud, but Uipath seems to only be available as a Windows download. Regardless, the download function is broken on the UiPath website so I couldn’t try it.

The decision to completely torch the StepShot user base is mystifying to me. I mean, they don’t even have a link on the StepShot domain to UiPath or any explanation of what happened (I had to really dig to find this connection).

They also did little clean-up if any. As an example, there is still a Step-Shot plug-in available on Confluence (a huge corporate documentation site) which just breaks when run – no errors, no hints on what to do. Existing corporate users are left to waste time troubleshooting it themselves.

If they ever do figure out that UiPath was the one responsible for causing this mess, it’s a pretty safe bet they would run away from the company.

I mean really, would it kill their marketing team to spend a day re-directing the StepShot site and queries to download their product?

It’s either gross incompetence or malice on the part of the UiPath team, there can logically be no other reason and neither look good. Therefore, the client is burned and lost forever. Why do this?

Hi @Alexis_Kasperavicius,

Happy New Year to you! Appreciate the detailed message.

Let me start with an introduction. My name’s Sophia, I’m a Content Manager at UiPath Marketplace. Also, I’m a representative of the former Customer Success department at StepShot before it got acquired by UiPath. I’ll try to cover your concerns one by one.

First, I’d like to thank @jeevith as he explained the matter quite well. I’ll just add some insight here.

StepShot used to have subscription customers and lifetime users (who had a lifetime deal obtained). Additionally - you got it completely right - we had the Atlassian customer base that used the add-on. Thus, these were three categories of people we had to take care of when the acquisition happened. And we tried to do our very best there.

On October 15, 2019, when the StepShot acquisition was publicly announced during the Forward event, all three categories of users received an email from our team informing them about the changes including the details on what to expect next. We made the promise that we’d provide an offline version of the tool (both for Mac and Windows) that will work after we discontinue the product officially.

On that day, the sales process was stopped and the support was announced to stop at the end of June 2020 (in some cases later if customers still had a valid subscription). All the subscription users were no longer charged (including the Atlassian users).

Additionally, everyone was invited to try out the Task Capture tool that uses the same technology but offers different use cases and is now part of the UiPath platform. The StepShot website also reflected the changes (I believe it happened recently that it stopped working, and it’s a good catch, thank you a lot for this! We need to think how and if we want to use it from now on).

As promised, the former StepShot users received the offline version of the product with instructions on how to generate codes for logging in. All the features (except for the online ones like auto narration and Cloud export) are present in the offline tool. The users received access based on their initial product plans (thus, Basic or PRO) with respectful functionality. We were supporting the users even longer than announced to ensure that the offline version works as expected.

Back then, during the whole transition process, we were receiving a lot of messages - to our team & individual inboxes, in Facebook groups and communities - and we tried to respond to each of these to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Hope this all make sense and explains what actions we as the former StepShot team have performed to make the process as transparent and smooth as possible.

To logically end my long message, I do encourage you to check out the Task Capture tool as it continues to develop and is now a much-improved version of StepShot.

If you are a registered user of StepShot and are interested in having the discontinued product - please DM me your email address and I’ll try to check if it is still possible to generate an offline code for you.

Thank you again for checking the website and bringing it to our attention.
Should you have any questions and concerns - let me know:slight_smile:


Sophia, thanks for the detailed explanation! Would love to try it!

Where can we download the Mac version of the task capture tool?

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Anytime @Alexis_Kasperavicius :slightly_smiling_face:

As other products of the UiPath platform, Task Capture is Windows-based.

If you have a registered account at StepShot, you can download the offline version for Mac here.

Then, you’ll need to log in here.
There’s a button to generate an activation code. You’ll need it to log into the app.

Hope this helps :wink:

Hi Sophia, as we are a Mac shop, Windows programs don’t help us.

Since these are new workstations and we need the functionality provided by StepShot for Mac, can you suggest what we should do?



Hi Alex,

Sorry for the delayed response. I was off due to Orthodox Christmas :christmas_tree:

Do you happen to have an account registered here?
It will help me generate a code for you.

Hi Sophia,

I have a login and password for that site, but I can’t login and the password reset doesn’t seem to work. What should I do?

Thanks much,


Hi @Alexis_Kasperavicius, please provide me with the login email address and I’ll check on my end.

DM-d you the activation code.
Have a nice weekend!

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Hi Sophia, thank you very much! This is a lifesaver!



Glad I could help:))

Dear Sophia

I have the same problem as Alex - can’t login to obtain activation code for lifetime license

Dear Maciej,

I’ve just sent you a DM with the activation code for your account and the builds with offline version.

Have a great day!

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Thank you!

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I am in the same boat. Just did a rebuild of macOS and now need to activate my StepShot Pro. Just found this site. Can you help?

Also, it would be great if Task Capture was available on macOS if it’s the replacement product for StepShot.

Thank you!

Hey @tekwhisperer!

Please provide me with your email address in DM so that I could check if it’s still possible to create an activation code.

Regarding Task Capture - for now, it’s Windows-based only in consistency with UiPath platform but who knows what the future will bring us:)

I cannot find a way to DM you. I think I may be too new. Can you DM me so that I can reply?