Step To Invoke Python Code In Uipath

Step 1 : Install the 3.6.0 or 3.6.0 Below version of python

Step 2 : Move to Uipath Studio,install the (Uipath.Python.Activities) Packages

Step 3 : Use Python Scope Activity
In Python Scope Properties
Path:python installation path
Target & Version:Based on your System Configuration

Step 4 : In Python Scope Activity,Drag and Drop the Load Script Activity
Load Script Properties
Code:Enter your cose directly (or)
File:Select the python script file(your code)

Step 5 : Drag the Drop the invoke python Method Activity
invoke python Method Properties
Input Parameter :Pass the value to python code. Ex : {“1”}
Instance :Load script activity Result
Name :Enter the python code definition Name.

Step 6 : Drag and Drop the Get Python Object
Get Python Object Properties
Python Object :Enter invoke python Method Result
Result :Results from the python code.

Refer the link for Pip install Configuration (