Python Scope: The specified Python path is not valid in uipath


Im trying to invokin python script in UiPath
But im getting the above error
Even i tried with the two paths . still facing the same issue


This is python version and path

Hello @abianbu28

  1. Assign Python Path:
    Set the Python path in UiPath using the appropriate activity or directly in the environment variables.

  2. Invoke Python Script:
    Use the “Invoke Python Method” or “Invoke Python Script” activity.

    • Set the “Path” property to the full path of your Python script.
    • Configure other properties as needed.
  3. Check Python Script:
    Ensure your Python script is correctly written and has the necessary dependencies installed.

  4. Permissions:
    Confirm that UiPath has the required permissions to execute the Python script.

  5. Logging:
    Implement logging in your Python script and UiPath workflow for better error tracking.

  6. UiPath Version:
    Check if you are using a UiPath version that supports Python activities.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @abianbu28,

Make these two changes:

  1. In the Path property of Python Scope Container do not include the path upto exe. In your case the Path will be
  1. In the WorkingFolder property insert the folder path where your UiPath project resides. Something like: