Status Tracker

Hello i am trying to do a status tracker when the robot will keep track of processes completed or incomplete. This will assist in a way where it does not need to retry the whole process for all business units but rather the part where it hasn’t finish.

this is the template for the tracker file the robot will read, how could i update it or append it such that the robot knows that it has completed for a particular business unit (row )and put in a “Success” in that particular Process (column) as well?

Hi @Martin_Pan

If you are using RE Framework template then it is easy, just you need to use Write Cell inside SetTransactionStatus.xaml Workflow. If you want to enter success do it inside success sequence and for picking the process which hasn’t completed you can add the logic while reading input file in GetTransactionData.xaml

Goutham Vijay

im not using the reframework


If you are not using RE Framework you can achieve it in state machines also

Consider Reading Excel and Processing as two states and You should use trycatch block in the Processing, adding write cell inside Finally Block.

i will have to hard code the write cell ? or it will know which row and column to go to based on which data its processing?


In state machine you’ll get the exact row index, example:
Inside Finally Block
Updates the counter once it is done with the row in Finally Block and moves back to initial state.

Hi @Martin_Pan
first read data from excel into a data table and process it at the end depending on the process update the column value in data table and use append range to rewrite the same file.