Status marking in excel


I am working on a workflow where i am processing multiple excels that comes as attachment from user in mailbox.
I am maintaining a separate excel having entry for each attachment from mail which is identified with unique number also i am having a status column which have ‘Pending’ as a default value and according to status i am required to change the status for each corresponding attachment if its status is ‘Success’ or ‘Fail’.

how can i update this status for each processed item?

I am using RE framework.


I have had to do something similar where a results file is maintained during each run.

I added some additional sections to the framework to provide this and it works well. Once a file has been processed, the results table is updated. Then, if there are no new files, it will end. Otherwise it will return to the Get Transaction Data step and repeat on the next file.

hi @ronanpeter could you please tell me what step did you followed to mark the status of appropriate item ?

@Aishwarya_Thakur You should have a column in your results datatable to set ‘success’ or ‘failure’.

In terms of the Framework I am using the io_TransactionData datatable and updating a column I have in that. I invoke this every time a transaction reaches the ‘success’ state in the Framework. So an assign activity should look like this:

io_TransactionData.Rows(in_TransactionNumber-1).Item(“Result_Status”) = “Success”

Once the file is completed, and all lines have had their results updated in the datatable, I paste this datatable to the excel and output that.