Status of Completed or Pending

How do I write the process has been completed or failed or pending in Excel when the excel is open. It should be written when the job is in Action.

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Hi @ramkrishna2k3
We can use write cell activity buddy
Wherever you want to enter the value next after a process use write cell Activity next to that Activity (one after which you want to set the status ), were in the range make sure that we column name and counter and together like this
Where Counter is a variable of type int32 with default value of 1 defined in the variable panel
–next to this write cell activity use a assign activity and mention like this
Counter = Counter +1
This will increment the value of row in that column
–but keep to these write cell activity and assign Activity inside a loop, then only it will get incremented and the structure should be like this
–For each row or for each or while loop
–any Activity that you want or not
–write cell with range having counter
–assign Activity that increments range

Hope this would help you
Cheers @ramkrishna2k3

I am getting the error

This means you have the excel open, if you want to also keep the excel open and read/write into it, use excel application scope, not the activities regarding the workbook.

Buddy use a write cell workbook activity and keep a kill process Activity before this write cell workbook Activity and mention the process name property as “EXCEL”
The reason is you were not allowed to write any text in the Excel which is already opened and is being processed, so make sure that the excel is killed before writing so we are using kill PROCESS Activity before write cell Activity

Kindly try this and let know buddy and share the screenshot of your work flow if possible
Cheers @ramkrishna2k3

As you said I have done the same, but the Status is getting written D22 not from D2. Please Check the SS.

yes I got it, I mentioned “D2” but corrected with “D”. Its working.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

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