Status Bar - Better Orchestrator Folder Selection

Hi UiPath team,

Please create a better way to select the modern folder which we are currently working on UiPath Studio.

Currently I’m connected to a Orchestrator which contains a huge number of folders, over 300, and its terrible switch between them for different processes because we only have a scrolling way to do it.

Would be great to have a search box on it or simply allow us to directly type the folder structure we want the Studio to connect.

As a workaround, where this info is stored? Maybe I can directly change the file by setting the folder I want before open the studio.

Thank you for the feedback @alexandretperez

This experience looks quite awful indeed. I’ll forward it to our Studio team to consider.

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Agreed. Another feature I would like to request is that UiPath remembers the selected Orchestrator folder for the project so you don’t need to select the folder every time you open the project.

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