Uipath Studio doesn't get the folder that I have in orchestrator

Hello everyone!
It is happening that Uipath studio just gets one folder from orchestrator which is named “default”, In my orchestrator page there isn´t any folder with that name, I have restarted IIE, the server where uipath studio is installed was restarted too but I have the same result. In fact, the connexion to orchestrator has status “connected”

I don´t know what is the reason that the right folder is not gotten from orchestrator.
This situation hadn’t happened so I don’t have idea about how to solve it, I hope someone can help me because There are more than 70 robots pending to run.

Regards everyone

View in orchestador


Folder that is gotten in Studio



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Hi @julio.cruz
Welcome to UiPath Community.
In UiPath studio click on the drop down arrow near default and see what are the available folders that you can select or disconnect the orchestrator from studio and connect it again.

I followed your instructions but when I drop down the combo box It only shows me default folder, there isn’t another option


Disconnect the orchestrator and connect the correct orchestrator with studio.