Which is the best flowchat or statemechine for uipath process

which is the best flowchat or statemechine for uipath process

HI @shaikjani

This totally depends on you, however if your activities and flow is in sequence then you should use sequences, if your process is complex and have multiple conditions you should use FlowChart which would be easier to understand and if you have large number of records to process you can use StateMachine.

These all are ideal conditions but as such no restrictions on choosing the project type.


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Thank you, Prankur,

actually in real time any big process having so many business rules and validations,
i am new to uipath, i worked on blueprism, i am going to develop process in uipath,
upto now i developed small senarios in uipath using sequence and flowchart.
but if you have validation more how we can handle, is there any best features in statmechine,
can explain briefly.

Shaik Jani

In this case you should use State Machine.


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please provide me any document about how we can use statemechine,
how we can design code efficiently by handling lot of validations, exceptions.
it helps me


Please see this documents, if it helps you out.

UiPath Automation Best Practice Guide 05 25012018.pdf (1.5 MB)
REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)

Thank you Anil,

First, I will go through these documents. if i have any doubts let you

Thank you