State machine rerun for the same process which got failed in the middle


I have a question here regarding to the State Machine. Is there a way we can keep track of the processes that got failed during the execution of the state machine process. For example, I have 3 different processes A,B,C. When I kick start my process it completed process A and failed while executing process B. So when I start the same process again it has to start from the Process B not from the same process, because I don’t want to waste the bot time by going again through the process A. So, please any suggestion or comments on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and time.


Hi Sid,

If you have 3 processes, A, B and C, why not have 3 projects/processes in UiPath Studio as well. Then you can re-run only the one that failed.
Each one can be implemented using State Machine, if you like it. I would recommend the UiPath ReFramework which has a build-in mechanism to retry failed transactions. You can use a queue in Orchestrator to store the output of process A (Add Queue Item activity), which is input for process B (Get Transaction Item). Than use a different queue for passing data from process B to process C.
This way, you’ll have all work items processed in stages. All work items are in step A, then processed by B, then by C. Opposite to having one work item processed completely A-B-C, then take the next work item.