How to not retry transactions which are already processed

Hi All,

I am learning UiPath Studio. I have a query, Suppose a bot is processing financial transactions and the due to any reason the application exits or system goes down. Now if the process has to be retried by orchestrator, how can we make sure that it does not retry already processed transactions. Any ideas/thoughts will be highly appreciated.

Arun Sharma

You need to update status of bot.
If u r taking data from excel then update in a column .
and in the beginning of ur code put the condition if that column value will null or"" then only it should process.


Hi @rahul599756,

Thanks for your quick response. But I am talking about queue items.

Arun Sharma

Hi @arun_sharma

To see how to set transaction status, see here:

You would normally include some Try-Catch routines and set the transaction status accordingly if any errors are thrown.

I would highly recommend you to also look into the ReFramework.
Although more advanced, it offers out of the box error handling and retry capabilities.