State machine recording

I am learning uipath. I have created a state machine and wrote code to open a pdf file from a particular path. Once the file is opened i have to fill the application form which is in pdf. When i try to auto record in statemachine it is opening a new file. Can you please tell me whether it is possible to auto record in state machine or not. Can you please help me in this

Try to do it ,end up with creating new recording sequence but when i create new it shows the following error.

@badita could you please check.

@prishaan7 anyways i believe you trying to use recording for “filling the application” right ?In that case you can create separate child workflow and call it from the parent state machine using invoke workflow activity.

The recording output is always a sequence.

Therefore create your recording in flowchart/sequence and only then connect them to a state machine. You can not drop a sequence on the root state machine diagram, thus the error (i guess)