State Machines … all am totally new to uipath and i have no background on development or any such sorts … presently going through uipath training and am bit stuck on the second point , i know its very basic this but as a beginner …

Example of How to Use a State Machine

To exemplify how to use a state machine, we are going to build the guessing game we did in the previous chapter, the only difference being that we will try to guess a number between 1 and 100.

  1. Create a blank process and, on the Design tab, in the File group, select New > State Machine . The New State Machine window is displayed.


You can also add a State Machine activity to the Designer panel to create a new state machine automation.

  1. In the Name field type a name for the automation, such as “First State Machine”, and leave the default project location or add a subfolder. Click Create . The Designer panel is updated accordingly.

"not able complete this step , wer is tis name and how to create sub folder …

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actually the first point meant this one buddy
this will appear the moment when you start a process in uipath studio

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i did tat , but if you see after 35 th point the image show Initializaing random num…how to create it … its not message box i guess , bcoz tried add it didnt work . and thanks for the quick response … :slight_smile:

In UiPath Studio click on ->start-> new process and select process and above window will open and follow above steps.

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Buddy just press ctrl+shift+n being in the studio itself @miths88
this will ask you to create a new process

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how to connect state to start … image

you should use input dialog to receive number from user and use message box to print the response.
and in image in step 35 all are state machines.

remove that arrow and add a state machine activity buddy and make a connection with the arrow
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done created , this forum is really good , its like every time i ask u guys something , i am getting those options to my self … give me some time to get hang of it . thanks for helping me . :slight_smile:


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