StartJob using Orchestrator API

When a BOT is triggered from the API, if there is an available BOT it will process. If in case all the BOTs are occupied and a new Job is triggered, will this particular transaction will fail due to unavailability of BOTs or Orchestrator will managed the payload and assign the job once any BOT is found available?

Sample Body of the API call

“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“RobotIds”: [

"NoOfRobots": 1,
"Strategy": "RobotCount"


That process or Job will be added to the queue but the state of job will be pending until the existing bot completes the process running. Once the process completes, then the queue process will start executing @kramit12

Thanks Hareesh for the response.
Have another query here: there is no any Queue Item in the orchestrator and extenal application is triggering the StartJob API based on its payload.
In case all the BOT’s are utilized , do you still think that Orchestrator will maintain the Job in the queue and wait and assign it to any BOT once available?


Yes, whatever may be the application which triggers the process (angular, python, JAVA, postman) whatever it is, it will connect to the same machine as you are providing the same code verifier, account logical name, grant code, access token and the tenant name .
So, they will add the process to queue and start the job one after other

Thanks. Please help with the below query as well?
What will happen in case an external application is triggering multiple Release Keys in parallel to the same tenant with more payload than existing BOTs?