Orchestrator API - start job with input response

I have been starting to use Orchestrator API in order to start jobs. I have looked through the documentation and understood how to make a request. However, what I could not find in documentations is what response values mean.
“InputArguments”{"be":"TESTBE", "period":"TESTPERIOD",}",

Can you please explain what these fields mean? For example what is the key? It is not idenrical to a release key, so it must be something else. Also there are other fields that I do not understand a meanining of (presistenceId, HasMediaRecorded, ResumeVersion etc.) Could you please carify what each field means or maybe post a link to the part of the documentation where it is written. Thank you


The response contains details of the Job created.

You can fine a simple description of those fields in Orchestrator’s Swagger page: