Enquire Start a Job API - Configure Environment | v2020

To start a job using an API, I was following information provided on this page. In this page, it is mentioned we need to use this API (/odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs) and following are the mandatory parameters:

1. Release Key

I was able to get details of all available releases and their associated keys using this API - /odata/Releases

2. Strategy

Under this there are 3 options:

2.1 All

The application doesn’t need to pass any additional information.

2.2 Jobs Count

The application needs to pass no. of jobs count as an input parameter.

2.3 Specific

The application needs to pass robot Id as an input parameter.

In order to get this robot Id , the application needs to know the list of robots available within the environment linked to the selected release .

But the issue that I am facing is not able to configure the environment as there’s no way available in the dashboard to do so . Checkout below screenshot…

Please either:

  • provide a procedure to configure the environment for the process within the dashboard or
  • provide me an updated API to start a job that doesn’t require involvement of the environment

hey @mnavadoot

Please click on the ‘Shared’ Folder in the left and check if you have Enviroment tab.
Ideally it used to be present under ‘Default’ Folder.

Also, chck this

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@chandu4712 Thank you for replying.

I checked but there isn’t any Environment tab as you’ve asked for.

Also you can suggest me API documentation to start a job as per modern folders, that I can refer to (which doesn’t involves environment).