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Hi, I am trying to use Start Job activity in my workflow but I get an error message which is:
Start Job: startJobParameters must not be null Error code: 0

My process uses the standard REFramework which does have some arguments listed in the input parameters but it should be left at default with no value as it will be populated after reading the config file. Currently on modern folder with an unattended bot.

The process on orchestrator:


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If they would be left blank then why not remove them?

Or else try adding the place holder but do not pass a value and check if it works or pass an empty value for all arguments


Hi @DH_P3T

Check the below thread,

Hope it helps!!

I have tried filling out the “Arguments” field but it still throws the same error:

Hi @DH_P3T

Try the steps given on UI path documentation.

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There are 4 Arguments but you sent only two


You have passed only first two arguments, two more are pending.
Pass the EmailMessage in List datatype and DBConnect arguments in DatabaseConnection datatype.

Hope you understand!! @DH_P3T

Hi all, found the issue, was informed incorrectly that we were on modern folder (still classic) and that was causing the argument issue. Can use start job without passing argument value. Thanks for the assistance.

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