Start job in a different folder and different user

Hi All,

I have 2 Modern Folders in the root Orchestrator, folder A and B.
I want to use the activity Start Job on the folder A to start a job on the folder B.
If the users are both the sames, in folders A and B, it works well. In other hand, if the user where the job it’s trigerred and the user where the job should run are different it throws:
ProcessName. Error: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘BadRequest’.

The same for the Get Jobs.

I have all the rights on the role active.

Someone found something similiar or have a clue how to solve it?


Hi Carlos,

Using Start Job activity will not work for the different user.
If you want to trigger the BOT with two different user’s you can use the Orchestrator HTTP request method(API Request - POST Method). For the API reference follow the below.

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Hi Ganesh,

Many thanks for your answer. The API can be a solution to follow.
Do you if will work if we just define the folder to run?
I want to choose the folder and let the Orchestrator choose any use inside of the choosen folder.

Thanks again for your help.

Yes, we can choose the folder as well.

in the above screenshot if you see the highlighted one. You can pass the Folder Path and do the request then pass the Json body to the API request with following details User details and ROBOT ID and as well process ID.

I have a similar case for one of my process. I need to check the input file is available in the shared path if it not available i need to re-schedule the process to the next hour. For this i have completely done using the Orchestrator API services.

Note : I have done this on 2019.10 version of on-premises orchestrator.

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Hi tried what you suggest without success. (the API works but not in my particular case)
In my case I want to tigger a job from folder A with user 1, in the folder B with user 2.
The user 1 doesn’t belong to folder B and I’m receiving:
"Folder does not exist or the user does not have access to the folder.", “errorCode”: 1100,

The user can’t see other folder if doesn’t exist there?

Meawhile I will try to find other solution to trigger the robots.

I move to another solution, with just one folder.
Using the API to check which users are available and choose one to run the job.

Thanks for the help!

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