Error on start job activity: Start Job: An invalid result was encountered for parameter Process Name

here is the screenshot of error

and this is the process name on orchestrator

make sure your robot have permission to create and edit jobs?

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Start Job activity

Enables you to start a job on Orchestrator on a specified number of Robots. Please note that in order to execute this activity in Studio, the Robot has to be connected to Orchestrator and the Robot role needs to also have the Create and Edit rights on jobs, as well as View on processes and environments. The activity runs under the Robot which executes it.

  • Modern Folder - Select True when using a modern folder.

  • ProcessName - The Display name of the Process you want to use for the job as it appears in Orchestrator (it could be found in Additional Settings field of the process settings. For example, if the name of the Package is InvoiceScan and you named the process Invoice Scanner, the string in this field should be Invoice Scanner. This field supports only strings and String variables.





Let us know if this helped.

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Okay i get it what package/studio version are u using? This is the only settings I see on my start job activity

Studio 2022.4.5 with UiPath.System.Activities [22.4.5]

But double check if you are connected to the same Orchestrator where the process is present and if in the Studio, you are selecting the right folder where the process and robot are assigned.

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Last question how or where can I see this process key?

Using /odata/Releases endpoint or the Inspect tool in your browser.

What do I need to indicate sorry Iā€™m lost here

Go to the Network and check there for Name = Releases and check in the Response.

Look for the example 6 screenshots from above.