Getting Error in UiPath Studio while using Start Job Activity : An invalid result was encountered for parameter Process Name

I am getting error in Studio with Start Job activity: Details: An invalid result was encountered for parameter Process Name


  1. My bot is connected to orchestrator
  2. I am using PackageName_EnviornmentName format on Start Job activity
  3. I have provided Edit and Create permissions for Jobs to Robot in Orchestrator
  4. I have provided View permission for Env and Packages to Robot in Orchestrator



**Process Name: ** The Display name of the Process you want to use for the job as it appears in Orchestrator (it could be found in Additional Settings field of the process settings. For example, if the name of the Package is InvoiceScan and you named the process Invoice Scanner, the string in this field should be Invoice Scanner. This field supports only strings and String variables.

Sorry for typo in original post. I had used packagename_EnvName earlier when I was getting error

But now using Process Name only is not giving error in Studio. But the Process which I am expecting to start is shown as - “Pending for Allocation” in Robot column in Orchestrator.

And in job details I am getting below:

I have no clue why it is not getting allocated and executed by Bot present in the Process. What issue it is showing in the Folder Configuration. Please help to point out the issue.

One factor that I missed is that I was using Attended Bot for Jobs. After changing it to unattended, it worked.

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