2018.1 Start Job

It will be helpful if “RobotName” field is added to Start Job activity in 2018.1 Studio to run the jobs on a specific Robot.



Let’s think about it. How we envision the future (especially in virtualized environments) is that any robot within an environment should be able to run a specific job.

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I have a process where we use 4 robots to run the same process. In some cases, we need to call for another robot to help one of the 4 robots. This helper-robot has an Boolean Asset assigned as an Asset per robot, different from the 4 other.
So - this helper-robot cannot be in the same environment as the 4 other, but should run the same process.

Therefore, it would be very convenient for us if “RobotName” field is added to Start Job.

Do you have a plan for doing this?