Start Another Robot on Same Machine

Hi all,

I have one bot that gets executed manually and its runtime is not predictable. At the end of the process, i want to call another robot to start on the same machine. Is this possible?

What call another robot means? does it mean - you want to start different process after completion of your process?

In one machine you will have one robot, it can execute multiple process sequentially


Do one thing. At the end of first process invoke second workflow. Place first process in Try Catch block and create one boolean variable say ‘Status’ and assign ‘True’ to that in Try part and in Else part assign ‘False’ and send this status value to another workflow.

If it is true then Invoke second process else skip it.

Hi all - by another robot, i mean process. The first process may have to call different processes based on input parameters provided by another process. So just need to invoke a Start Job API to start another process. However, this process has to start on the same machine as the first process so it receives the files.