SSL Certificate - Number of License Units


I’m asking for a SSL Certificate to a signing authority, they asked me

“Number of license units” for the SSL certificate.

I’m pretty sure its 1, but I want a double check.

Can anybody answer?


Kind regards,

It would be best to ask that question to the CA that you are requesting the certificate from. a quick search of the web… From’s faq, but this might not be the same definition for each CA. *Note I’ve never used before, it was the first search result.

How is the Entrust Certificate Service licensed? The Entrust Certificate Service is available in two licensing options: Subscription and Units.
Subscription : Allows the management of a specific number of concurrent certificates over the term of the subscription. Subscription accounts allow the selection of specific certificate expiry dates and the re-use of certificate licenses to maximize usage. When a certificate expires or is deactivated, its license goes back into the inventory for future use. The Subscription license does not allow use of the certificates once the subscription expires.

Units : Allows the management of a specific number of certificate-year licenses (units). Units can be used to issue certificates ranging from one to four years. Units must be used within one year of purchase and may be used for the full term of the certificates validity regardless of when it was deployed.