SQL Logs to Elastic Search Logs

Has any one tried converting the Orchestrator SQL logs to Elastic Search logs? If so, can we save them as specific Index (default-2018.X)

We have dual logging (SQL and ES) currently from May onwards. I need 2018 logs from SQL Server as Elastic logs to generate Visualizations in Kibana. Is there any easy way using Orchestrator (which I doubt).



@Sorin_Stania Is this a feasible task? I’m referring below link where you can convert SQL data to ES logs using SSIS, but need some expert advice before we put efforts on this.

We are trying to export Production SQL logs to DEV Elastic Search so we can develop visualizations with actual data.

I am sure this is feasible, but why would you want to do it ? Why not report directly from SQL using any BI tool ? In Kibana you cannot really do joins, and it’s not so user-friendly. But if you have a good reason to do it, go ahead ! :slight_smile:



Thanks. We need real data to develop the Dashboards and demonstrate to clients. Since we have set up the ES this month, we only have 15 day worth of data. So that’s the reason we are planning to import 2018 logs from SQL.

Oh, now I understand, my bad. You are talking about importing log data from SQL, not just relational data. Then it makes all the sense in the world, given the context information provided above.

Hi, Is there a way to run SSIS package using UiPath?

Any update how this can be implement im facing same scneario of forwarding sql data to elastic search due to audit , compliance and other issue.