Orchestrator with ElasticSearch Kibana



Hi I have installed Orchestrator, ElasticSearch and Kibana in the same server and i want to save my logs to SQL Server and also to ElasticSearch, can some one help me how to connect orchestrator with ElasticSearch& Kibana, any help woyle be appreciated. Thanks


the Orchestrator documentation available at https://orchestrator.uipath.com is pretty complete and if you follow it step-by-step you will be able to do so.

Remind that you might have to add the “serverElasticBuffer” target to the Orchestrator log category in the web.config file.

Here is a snippet from my configuration:

<target name="serverElasticBuffer" xsi:type="BufferingWrapper" flushTimeout="5000">
        <target xsi:type="ElasticSearch" name="serverElastic" uri="http://localhost:9200" index="serverdiagnostics-${date:format=yyyy.MM}" documentType="logEvent" includeAllProperties="true" layout="${machinename} ${message}" />

Hope this helps,
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Hi @ghepa, The <target > tag should be in the WebConfig? Could you please confirm on this?


Hi @Sripadraj

Yes, the <target> tag is in the web.config file, under <targets> tag.