SQL Developper automation

hello everyone ,

has anyone worked to automate the excution of queries in SQL Developper Tool ?

i refer to queries such as : SELECT * FROM table WHERE date ;

then changing the “date” on this query once launching the robot ?

PS : Please do not hesitate to share videos or steps that could help me to develop this Use case

thank you in advance for your feedback :blush:

Hi @Ben-Ziane_Hajar

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Have look on the thread


Thank you very match @Gokul001 Gokulfor your reactivity and for your appreciated feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @Ben-Ziane_Hajar

Any Further query related to this topic?


in fact , i’m still waiting for an answer regarding automating the execution of queries on SQL developer throughUIPATH ?

unfortunatly , the video and links provided are related to manual execution on SQL developer directly .

Asking about the activities to automate the sql query


HI @Ben-Ziane_Hajar

If yes, Go to → Manage Package → Install (UiPath.Database.Activities)


Look into the document

Execute Query

Execute Non Query


Thank you , it is very helpful … However , how can I connect Uipath to SQL Developper ? any idea ?

another question is that I can nnot see the SELECT activity among queries activities on Uipath … how can I have this activity to launch a SELECT * FROM query ?

thank you in advance for your time …

Use Execute Query activity → Select * from TableName


Thank you so much

Hi Ben-Ziane Hajar ,

you can look below link for Sql connection with UiPath and run select command and extract the data from database.

you can use below syntax for dynamic value pass to the select query.

  1. SET @SQL = ‘SELECT ContactName FROM Customers WHERE CustomerId = ‘’’ + @CustId + ‘’’’

  2. @SQl : is variable to store the query.

  3. ContactName : is table name

  4. CustomerId : is a column where we are passing dynamic value.

I hope , this help for you to resolve/grow your knowledge in Sql Part. :slightly_smiling_face: