SQL Developer

Hello Mates,
How to connect to SQL Developer with below information.
We have mentioned information with us, there is any way to connect ?

yah ofcourse we have an activity called EXECUTE QUERY from UIPATH.DATABASE.ACTIVITIES
–for that go to design tab -> manage packages -> in official tab search for uipath.database.activities and install it
–once after installing search for the activity EXECUTE QUERY
for more details on how to connect with the details you have mentioned

We can even check the connectivity with TEST CONNECTION option in the CONNECTION WIZARD where we will be entering these details in that activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @bhaavan

@Palaniyappan Could you please tell us know what should be written in connection string and provider name for SQL Developer.

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–click onthe connection wizard option in the EXECUTE QUERY activity
–Choose MICROSOFT SQL SERVER from the options in left side and click next
–get the server name from your database and enter that server name in the server field
–once after enterting the server name choose the Use SQL Server Authentication
and mention the username and password
–if you have windows authentication for that server we can choose the Use Windows Authentication
–once after entering the server name, username and password,
here we will getting the list of datatables under the "Select or enter a database name"
–and you can check whether we have entered the credentials correctly or not by clicking the TEST CONNECTION
Thats all you are done
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification buddy
Cheers @bhaavan