Database connection



Hi everyone,

Can somebody help me in connecting my sql database to uipath. i hvae gone through the forum buit i am not able to understand how it can be connected.
Only information which i gathered from internet for mysql is the connection string
i dont know what is myserver address and how can i find it.
Can somebody help me please.


you can connect sql with two ways

  1. Using windows authentication in this case you should know sql server name and name of Database (from which you are trying pull data)
  2. Using SQL authentication where you need sql server username and password, sql server name.

my preference is using windows authentication …! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much.
Now i am able to connect with database just wanna ask you one small thing when i am quering and extracting data from mysql database its fetching around 1200 data and my system is getting hanged for some time any specific reason or anything i can do to stop this.


You must disconnect the database once your task done with db…I hope you are following same.


Hi RJ_Kadari,

I am not able to find some useful link to about how to connect “Using windows authentication in this case you should know sql server name and name of Database” .

Can you please help me how to connect to MySql using Windows authentication…



please refer this Connect to data base


I tried using the solution but still i am getting same error

“Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=db;User ID=root;Password=root”


it is asking to import newtnsoft json, could you please try to import in from studio ?