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Hello guys, I have a datatable with 3 columns. “id”, “name”, “phone”. How do I insert this data into sql using insert into. I want to make this insertion dynamically. Can I put a variable inside the insert into?


Yah that’s possible like this
"INSERT Into SqlDataTable (Column1,Column2,Column3) values (@variable1,@variable2,@variable3)"

Where we need to install UiPath.Database.Activities package from design tab -> Manage Packages -> Official tab -> search for above package and install it

—and once after installing use EXECUTE QUERY activity and mention the aBove expression with variables in it

Cheers @mauro.morais


Hi @Palaniyappan , I couldn’t solve it. I am sending my code, you can correct and send me.
I am using the Oracle database.

Att.UsandoBancoDados.zip (28,0,KB)

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