Split the cell values in different cell

HI, I have to split the cell values. Its containing multiple name and email ids which will be dynamic. Suppose If one cell containing 2 names and 2 email ids then it should split in 4 cell. first name then first email then second name and second email. I am attaching the input format and sample output format. Please provide the sample workflow. Urgent help would be appreciable. Input.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Read the excel as usual using read range/excel application scope. You can use split string acitivity to split based on delimeter like semicolon or comma and use the value according to your requirment. It will store output which can be looped through.

Hi Arun, It would be very helpful, if you please send the sample workflow. I have attached the expected output too in 2nd sheet. Thanks a lot in advanced.

I have seen your input sample and noticed that there is no pattern to apply “split” activity because sometimes space is there and sometimes space is not there .
Can you please confirm that , will there be any space provided between name and email I’d or not ?

After every email id space is there, its like when you click in the cell, you will get to know or do wrap text. Please find the snap.

Need urgent help guys… Please send a workflow.

Sorry for little delay.
As you have mentioned in your requirement and also confirmed that spacing will be provided between each word, i have selected “space” condition to split.
I have created one workflow specifically for the requirement .Test.zip (9.0 KB)

Thanks Syed. But Xaml file is empty. There is nothing inside.


sorry , my mistake!! check this one…Test.zip (11.0 KB)

Hi Syed, Your workflow is really very nice. But two thing we need to take care. In actual input file We don’t have any space after .COM but we have the next line after each record in same cell (Please refer the sheet) when you will click the cell, you will get to know.To see the combination Just double click in the cell . Second thing the number of records in once cell is not fixed. It may 5,6 or 8 or 15 email is combination , it should be dynamic. Please help.Input.xlsx (10.3 KB)

that’s what i asked specifically before uploading the workflow.
Now , let me clear with the requirement.
You are saying if it is having 5 combination in one cell , it should be having 10 columns in output??

Yes, It might me more than 5 too means you can say, its not fixed and other thing there is no space but in one cell there is other line that is the actual separation between two values… Please double click in records then you can see.

please upload one sample with more than 2 record in one cell

Input.xlsx (10.4 KB)
Cell values will be always dynamic…

Test.zip (8.7 KB)
I am writing in the same sheet from which i am reading.
Note - Make sure you add header like Column2,column3,Column4 … is available in the excel sheet till the count you want . I have added till Column18.

Handled additional things in this code , suggest you to use this one.Solution.zip (17.3 KB)

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