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Hi All, i’m getting some input data from excel in separate column, i want to read that column and need to split them and write in row by row in new excel.
Note: My excel having multiple columns in sample excel i mentioned it in 1st column.

025(210)- 1.28 025(1975)- 11.50 1841- 625.21

“.025 (625) - 2.28
.025 (1988) - 12.22
R1981 - 128.00”


025(210)- 1.28
025(1975)- 11.50
1841- 625.21

.025 (625) - 2.28
.025 (1988) - 12.22
R1981 - 128.00

Can you share your excel you want to split

@Robinnavinraj_S i’m attaching below

Sample Input.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Column position is different in my actual excel, i cant share my actual excel here

Hi @Learner007 ,

According to the Input and the Expected Outputs that you have provided us, the pattern seems to be that there are Numbers/Mixed Alphabets separated by a “-” (hyphen), which constitutes it as one group or one value.

Going ahead with this logic, I have managed to derive a regex and use it to get the desired output. Please Check the workflow below and test it with all suitable Data.
Split Numbers.zip (9.5 KB)

If this is not the expected solution, please let us know in more detail as to what was the issue.

Thanks @supermanPunch It is working

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