Split String syntax

I have used 2 syntax for String Splitting.
One is → VariableName.Split({" “c})
Other is-> VariableName.Split(Cchar(” "))

And both syntax are working fine when i Split (Tom Alter/Tom#Alter/Tom|Alter/Tom-Alter) whatever character i used in between.
But what is the exact difference in both syntax??? Because whatever syntax i used it gives correct output.

Hi, Kusum!

To put it plainly, for the first syntax, the ‘c’ is a suffix for a literal of type System.Char, an indication to use the space as a char variable & not as a string variable. In the second syntax, ‘Cchar’ is a function that basically does the same things as using ‘c’. Please take a look over Type Conversion Functions - Visual Basic | Microsoft Learn

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