.split(" "c) - what is 'c'?


In the split function, I understand " " (space is the delimiter), but what is ‘c’?


Splits a string into substrings that are based on the characters in an array.



Please follow the below tutorial, on split and join string operations.



my apologies but I still do not understand what the c means, is it meant to tell the computer that the variables are characters?


.Split argument needs “Char”(Character) type, not string type.
" "c means “Use this space as a char, not as string” in .NET grammer.
(This c is capital of “char”)

As the another case, in UiPath, I often use “D” for define Decimal Type.
For example, 1.01D means “this value defines as Decimal type, not Double type”.
(To explain difference between Decimal and Double is hard work, you can understand “Double is faster at caliculating, Decimal is slower but more accurate in decimal system”.)


Thank you Honoka!


Please Suggest Any solution bellow scenario