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I am getting a path name as “C:\Users\welcome\Desktop\Input file.xlsx”. I just want to extract only the file name which is “Input file.xlsx” and also to the note, it must be applicable if i take from any path()like from -D drive/E drive) . Kindly let me know the manipulation and expression used.


Use this
Path.getFilename(“C:\Users\welcome\Desktop\Input file.xlsx”)

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Getting an error as “GetFileName is not a member of string”

What you have written?


Path.GetFileName(You file path)

Share your screen if not working

Hope this helps


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First i have assigned the folder contating pdfs to variable Path.
Then have assigned the variable ReadFiles to Directory.GetFiles(Path,"*.pdf")

First check the path fields use Item.ToString instead of only item
Check in a message box what is appearing in Item.tostring

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Thanks a lot. Getting it.

Happy Automation!

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