How to manipulate a string in a file Path


I have this file path: C:\Users\carla-89\Downloads\convocatoria.xls (‘ExcelPath’ variable)

And I want to substract “convocatoria.xls” because each file i will wanna download will have a different name file. I try do:
StrExcelPath = ExcelPath.ToString
StrSplitExcelPath = StrExcelPath.split(""c).ToString

and then StrSplitExcelPath(4)

And only output and ‘e’.

What i need to do to extract only ‘convocatoria.xls’?

Hi @Carla_Munoz

Try this for without extension:
filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(“path”)

For with extension:
filename = path.GetFileName(“path”)
filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(“path”)


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Try this


this will give you file name with extension

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HI @Carla_Munoz

How about this expression?

filename =Path.GetFileName(“C:\Users\carla-89\Downloads\convocatoria.xls ”)


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@Carla_Munoz ,
If you want to get the filename with extension you can use

FileName= Path.GetFileName("FilePath")


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hi @Carla_Munoz

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Hi @Carla_Munoz
Try this using split function

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Hello, what type of variable is FileName because is giving me an error


The filename variable is a “String” type

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@Carla_Munoz Its Type will be string type. It will return String

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Hi @Carla_Munoz

You can use the Split function to split the output. Split by using "".

- Assign -> StrFileName = StrExcelpath.Split("\").Last

Hope it helps!!

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