Extract File name from Path

Hi experts,

I am trying to extract File name from below path.

File name is “report1579017966725”. but I can’t retrive the file name from path. Please help me out from error.

And also trying “Getfilename” this activity i can’t find this activity.

have you tried using regex??

this will return file name

Try to get all the file names in the folder into an array of strings with Directory.GetFiles(*your folder path). Then use a for each string in the array - use a replace function for the hard coded part of the path like string.replace(“C:\Users\u6048949\Downloads”,"") - it will replace the hard coded part of the string with nothing and you will be left with report1579017966725.xls. Then you can use another replace for the .xls part.

Main.xaml (5.0 KB)

Check this workflow
cheers @karampuri_sathish

assign filename= filepath.Split("\".ToCharArray).Last

where filepath is your string variable containing full path “C:\Users\u6048949\Downloads\report1579017966725.xls”

You can use following dot net method for this within an assign

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