Split one CSV Column into each column


i have one CSV and all the data is in the column A. How do i separate every String in one column. I need this because I want to go through all lines in a for each loop but only need a specific column in a line.



I assume you tried inserting the csv data into Excel and that’s why you are talking about column A?
Forget column A, forget Excel! We don’t need that for csv - here’s how it’s done:

  • use a Read CSV activity
  • configure the activity with filepath, Output-DataTable-Variable and most importantly: Delimiter (in your case that’s a semicolon ( ; )
  • there are options for encoding ( got any umlauts? äöüß? ); AddHeaders (looks like you got some) and RemovingQuotes (those can mess up your values sometimes)

Aaaand that’s basically it, you can use the output datatable like you would use any other datatable - write range to excel/ remove all but one column / loop through each row / filter for specific values etc.

Happy Automating