Split Multiple data from excel sheet column and write it in one by one cells

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This is my input file data. I want to take QTY column data each from a cell and write it in different sheet with same column name.

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This is my output file and I want the data from input file QTY column which is 1.10,1.10,1.5 by splitting # from it and write that numbers in every cell of my output file in QTY column.

can you please confirm your requirement
You will have to split values using # in each column in the input excel and write it is seperate cells in the output excel?


This is how I need the output. Data from 1 cell in input file is written in 3 cells in output file in QTY column for three different names.

Hi @sarvesh.b ,

Could you provide us with the Sample Input Data and the Expected Output files for that data.

It would be much simpler to understand the Logic and raise appropriate questions from our side by Checking the requirement in this way.