Split information

i’m new user of UiPath

i want to know how to split information and send it to optional item in web form
ex “bus, car, plane”
i want to get all the information and select the item on form.
so there will be 3 item checked on the form

please need your advise.
thank you.


Find the work flow and expression used:

  1. input.split(","c)
  2. Pass the input to for each loop.

Sequence.xaml (6.8 KB)

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HI vaibhav, thank you for the solution,
i have following the step, since the input is data in excel here is mine :

Test = “Bus,Car,Plane” → Transport = Row(“Transport”).toString

and you’re using for each item for split.
since i’m going to use click function for select in web form,
before, the selection is :

so after we split, i changed the “+Transport+” with “+item+”
but it become error

do you have any solution?


Can you share the excel file and the scenario.

In this case, the split separator would be “,” instead of a blank space.

The result will be an array: {“Bus”, “Car”, “Plane”}. You can isolate these variables or assign it to another variable to be placed in your form.

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You can use the regex for getting the results.


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