I want to split string list and loop

This is my excel sheet my inputs are comma seperated. There is one process that I want to loop.

The flow first I want to add a **description** i.e. (DocumentName in excel NEWDOC and GO) from excel above.
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Then I want to browse the document. I was able to separate strings from excel and was able to browse document.
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But Im unable to loop Description part properly. UiPath writes NEWDOC, then clears it and writes GO after that in one go.

This both are part of one loop, can someone help me how can I pass this description simultaneously using for each.

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

Could you show us the implementation done and also How the values need to entered in the Application fields ?

Does the comma separated mean that you would need to input each value separately and perform the operation ?

Yes, I have to give each value separately.

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This is how i have assigned to a variable

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

Do let us know by filling the field Description, how the values are to be entered, We can then propose the correction.

On this part, we can ask on what is the data that you are looping. Is it the Splitted Document Name values or the row value itself ?

We do not yet know the full implementation. Have you used a For Each Row activity and then inside it a For Each activity ? If you have used it in this manner, then the value concatenated should be available in the CurrentRow item of For Each Row activity.

I have used only for each since Im using Re framework

The process is like this

Step 1 - Get value DocumentName which is in excel and pass it to “Description” field. I need one value at a time.

Step 2 - I want to add document. I am currently able to do it, using for each I have used currentitem for it.

This processes are simultaneous
DocumentName aka Description is reference for document that Im going to add.

The problem is im unable to get one doc name at time. UiPath writes into first one name then clears and writes the next name and move on with the flow.


If I understand properly…you have transactionitwm as datarow and …when there is a comma you want to loop through each document

So just the way you split the documentname …split the adddocumentpath aswell and in the for loop properties you would have index property…assign a variable to it and then use adddocpathvar(index) to access the corresponding filepth using the index variable…here adddocpathvar is of type list basically the split of adddocumentpath data with comma

Hope this helps


Ok thanks, I will try that and let you know

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