Split DataTable

Hi Everyone,

My Excel/Datatable looks like that, i would like to have 3 tables out of this, one for in moves, another for out moves and third for Store
Any idea hot to do this?

In Moves
aa 2 20 xx
ad 1 50 xy
(empty row)
Out Moves
xx 3 10 xxd
dd 5 30 xyc
(empty row)
nn 2 ff0
rr 10 kk0
(empty row)

Hi @Robott ,

Could you let us know if the Separation between the 3 datatables is the Empty row only ?

one of many approaches:

  • find row index for in/out/store rows
  • use skip/take for slicings


Yes , seperator is empty row. But there are more tables after that. I just need only these three.
If i split with empty row, how would i know which one is which.

@Robott ,

If the arrangement of data is as you have mentioned in the first post, then we could use the indices of the splitted tables to classify the tables as required.

It can be re-worded as how you would be able to manually identify the tables individually, we could also use the same logical understanding when implementing it in UiPath.

Check the suggestions provided above and let us know if the workflows were able to help you in achieving the required output.


If the headers are contain always…

Then you can use find/replce activity to find the header value…like find A matching full cell content…

The. You will get the cell value of cells containing A…

Use them as anchors and use read range

For example A1,A4 and A7 are the cell values then

A1:D3 , A4:D6,A7 can be used as ranges to read the data