How to split datatable into multiple datatables, using empty row as seperator

I have a datatable which i need to split into multiple data tables using empty row as seperator

find some starter help here:
DT_Slice_ByBlankRows.xaml (10.0 KB)

it is calculating the row indexes for the blank rows and is slicing the datablocks with the help of skip() and Take() method.

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can we take each splitted table’s first row as header?

the splitted datatable already should have same column headers as the datatable from it was split.
Just check it within a debug run, setting a breakpoint inspect it within, locals, watch or immediate panel


actually my input scenario is given in excel sheet i need to read them as different tables. there rows dynamically changes depending on the input. columns varies from table to table.
Can we do this type of problem

was not provided in your requirement description. Here was only mentioned that it is to split on empty rows.

In such case

  • we do write a correction run, will use first line for header name reseting/adoptions
  • we do the slicing on a different strategy and try to calculate the different excel ranges for readin

splitting is limited in input sheet is it possible ?
To read them from excel to different tables using empty row as seperator??
If possible can you please suggest me a way out