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i have input data in F column is Item Codes in that when data come like this CIS-C9300-DNA-P-24-3Y to remove “CIS-” take remain Data like C9300-DNA-P-24-3Y

mean where ever start with CIS have to remove CIS to filter this data…

can any body help me ?

@Anand_Designer Read your excel file and the use for each row activity with input getting from read excel file.

  1. use if condition to check the whether column F value starts with CIS inside for each row activity.
    row(5).toString.StartsWith(“CIS”) as condition.

instead of 5 u can use column name in double quotes.

if condition is true, then use below assign statement otherwise do nothing.


after for foreach write datatable back to same excel.

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hi @Petar_Soce
i tried your steps but data Doesn’t filter… not remove CIS.
please look into
filter data.zip (56.8 KB)

Check the below file. After execution is done, check the output panel for the final value. You can then write it to the particular column.
filter data using substring.zip (51.9 KB)

Hi @Anand_Designer,

you can use the find and replace in excel using the below activity.


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