How to remove "PC-F50A" or "|PC-F50A" or "PC-F50A|" in input excel

Hi Team,
I have oone excel
In that excel column “L” I have a data
So I want remove “PC-F50A” or “|PC-F50A” or “PC-F50A|”. values in each row

Please suggest.

Please find the Input attachment for your reference
input (2).xlsx (12.0 KB)

I want to remove “PC-F50A” or “|PC-F50A” or “PC-F50A|” this data only in each row .

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Baby123 ,
Just use str.Replace(“the string you want to replace”,“”)

Hi @Shubham_Dutta ,
After replacing I want paste the remaining data in a same row.

@Baby123 , You can use LINQ to replace the values

dt = dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(a) a.Field(of string)("yourcolumnname").ToString.Replace("your old value"," your new value").ToString).CopyToDatatable()

EX :

dt = dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(a) a.Field(of string)("ColumnL").ToString.Replace("PC-F50A","").ToString or  a.Field(of string)("ColumnL").ToString.Replace("PC-F50A|","").ToString or  a.Field(of string)("ColumnL").ToString.Replace("|PC-F50A","").ToString).CopyToDatatable()
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Hi @Baby123 ,
I have created a workflow for your reference please go through it. You can see the output in excel file. (13.3 KB)

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Hi @Shubham_Dutta ,

It’s working fine
Thanks for quick response.

Hi @pavithra_pavi ,
Thankyou for response
But in my prjct linq queries not using
Thank you for your help and support

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