Split Cells to seperate 2 values and add the 2nd value to a new colum

Hi guys,

I have a datatable with Column “A”. In each Cell are 2 values, cleary sperated by "; ".
E.g.: “Value1; Value2”
So my question is, how do I seperate these 2 values, leave “Value1” in Column A, add a Column (B), give it a header name and put “Value2” to Column “B”?


You can create a new data table say DT2 having two columns A and B
Your first table say DT1 will have single column A with all data

Iterate over DT1 → Split your cell value using ‘;’ by the String.Split() function and add data row in DT2 table

HI @rene.stein

Check out the XAML file

SplitDtvalue.xaml (11.7 KB)



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That worked perfectly fine thank you so much!

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