Specific url click

hello guys,

i want to click the 1st url which ends with ( …|random.com ) staring value is any thing

plz help guys

Use wildcards.
Record the selector using a click activity.
Then use the uiexplorer to make sure the selector uses the correct ‘content’ to apply your businessrule. So probably the url of visible text.
The change that property and change ‘blablabla | villageinfo.in’ to ‘*| villageinfo.in’
Since the selector will now find multiple results, and it defaults to the 1st it finds you are already set.
So record:

<webctrl tag='A' aaname='Madhopur Village in Satgawan (Kodarma) Jharkhand | villageinfo.in' />

And change it to:
<webctrl tag='A' aaname='* | villageinfo.in' />
It’s a bit quick and dirty and there are cleaner ways to resolve this, but this should work for you.

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