Specific Settings for OCR?

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Are there specific settings or configurations within UiPath that can enhance OCR performance?

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Hi @Kritika_M_s ,

•OCR Engine Selection: UiPath supports multiple OCR engines, including Tesseract, Microsoft OCR, Abbyy OCR , UiPath Document OCR and Manymore. Experiment with different engines to find the one that performs best for your specific use case.
• Scale OCR Confidence Thresholds: Adjust OCR confidence thresholds based on the nature of your documents. Be cautious not to set the threshold too high, as it might result in missed extractions.
• Parallel Processing: Consider implementing parallel processing to enhance performance. Divide large documents into smaller sections and process them concurrently to reduce processing time.


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You can read the documentation for the various OCR activities to see what the settings are. Google is a good way to find this documentation. For example Googling “UiPath tesseract ocr” gives us this page:

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